Security Awareness

Sustaining Security Awareness for Lasting Behavioral Change

At Lux-ICTS we redefine security awareness training with a focus on sustained behavioral change. In a world where cyber threats are evolving, annual global economic losses from cybercriminal activities reach €500 billion, and more than 70% of incidents result from employee behavior, it’s crucial to invest in a program that not only raises awareness but ensures lasting vigilance.

Why Choose Lux-ICTS

Maximum Awareness with Minimal Fuss

Experience has shown that one-off programs fall short of creating lasting change. We understand the challenges organizations face in implementing ongoing programs and aims to unburden you from the hassles. Our approach allows you to achieve maximum awareness without overwhelming your team.

The Impact of Security Awareness

Organizations investing in sustained security awareness programs experience 70% fewer incidents.

The benefits gained from our training are 35 times the investment.

We believe in a continuous process of awareness, training, activation, refreshing, measuring, evaluating, and repeating.

Unique Approach: Storytelling, Interactivity, and Gamification

Lux-ICTS stands out with a unique approach to training, incorporating storytelling, interactivity, and gamification. The program we offer consists of over 50 modules, including videos, games, practical tests, and measurement tools. The focus on activating employees ensures that the knowledge gained is retained, and short refresher trainings build on existing awareness.

Tailored Programs for Every Industry

We understand that each industry faces unique risks. Our programs are specially designed for a wide range of industries, addressing current risks. With in-depth knowledge of the European market, we adapt our programs to specific cultural practices and needs.

Permanent Safe Behavior

Behavioral change is a gradual process. Our experience, backed by the forgetting curve concept, has shown that continuous training is key to sustaining risk-aware behavior. We offer regular, short interventions through micro-learning, awareness videos, and practical tests to keep employees informed and vigilant.

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Source: Google

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Source: Slashnext

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Source: Kaspersky


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Source: Palo Alto Networks

Your Journey with Lux-ICTS

Introduction and In-Depth Training

Join Lux-ICTS on the journey to a stronger security culture. Our programs empower your team to actively combat cyber threats in a fun, engaging, and effective way. Choose us and make security awareness a continuous and sustainable part of your organizational culture.