ICT Infrastructure

Today’s ICT infrastructure is supposed to be efficient, affordable, tailor-made and 100% satisfy your company’s needs. It is also a subject of a constant change, due to a rising and changing customer needs. Key factors in the ICT infrastructure are cloud-based components, technology development, cyber security performance and manageability. We at Lux-ICTS offer a tailor-made innovative infrastructure solution exactly for your business needs that make your company performing on the best expected level.

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Server Virtualization

Virtualization creates a possibility for the software to perform independently from the hardware putting a layer between them. This is an optimized, versatile and extremally important infrastructure:

  • End-to-end virtualization
  • Waiters
  • Storage Remote Access and Client Accounts
  • Apps
  • Networks (LAN – WAN – MAN – SAN)
  • Resource pooling, data consolidation
  • Interchangeability of storage media
  • Improved performance / Significant improvement in operational productivity
  • Security improvement
  • Reduced infrastructure costs
  • Reduction of administration costs (by reducing the number of servers)
  • Reduction of indirect costs (office space, energy, air conditioning, etc.)


Stored company data is one of the most sensitive and valuable assets of every organisation.
We at LuxICTS want to ensure your data in highly protected and stored in a cost-effective way according to all legal guidelines.
The storage infrastructure of a company’s information system should support the exponential increase in data without interrupting volume, connectivity or performance, while remaining available 24/7. 
Lux-ICTS responds to the challenge by offering you its expertise in open-storage solutions based on innovative technologies:

  • Technology SAN
  • NAS
  • Virtualization
  • Redundancy
  • Clustering
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Remote connections
  • Backup
  • Cloning and snapshooting
  • Database tuning

Hyper-Convergence on the Storage

Why is hyperconverged infrastructure essential for business competitiveness and why your organization needs it?

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), which integrates compute, storage, networking and virtualization into a single solution, is the most suitable infrastructure for companies aiming to maintain their competitiveness and ensure the performance of their environments in the cloud or not.
Lux-ICTS cloud solutions offer the most advanced hyperconverged infrastructure technology on the market. We collaborate with Nutanix which brings the benefits of consolidated infrastructure management, with built-in support for one-click application provisioning and deployment, infrastructure upgrades, resiliency, security, and disaster recovery.
Our certified engineers will be able to guide you to find the right configuration adapted to your infrastructure, your vision and your needs. Our pre-sales specialists and engineers will be able to answer your questions.
Around this solution, we will be able to bring you our experience, our knowledge and our advice, in order to move forward together on your problems and your projects. Hyperconvergence is a questioning of the functioning of IT, our support can help achieve this shift successfully and serenely.

Backup and recovery

Are you sure your data is safe, and no failure or loss may occur because of unexpected disaster or a simple human error?
When such situation happens the only helpful and painless case for you is to recover your data as soon as possible. With Lux-ICTS and our modern back up and recovery solution you can feel safe as your data can be recovered in a secure and fast way preventing your business from any negative impact and customer loss.
Hardware failure, file system incidents, destruction of the original file. Your backup system must be efficient, flexible and adjusted.
Backing up data depends on the needs of the business, which is why we offer solutions for different purposes:

  • Immediate recovery requirements, including by the user himself
  • High capacity backup requirements
  • Backup requirements for remote sites
  • Recovery capacity
  • Archiving mail or files
  • Data migration
If you want to use your storage in the most efficient way we are glad to support you and provide with the further information.


At Lux-ICTS we are interested in providing you with the full essential information when it comes to ICT projects you work with. 
In order to optimise all processes at all stages of the project we take care of management, maintenance and support for you to work more efficiently and cost effective.

To start with, you can answer the following questions:

How does your current infrastructure look like?
Have you taken care of the backup?
What is your current server set up?
How is your security managed for now?
What are your long-term expectations?
Do you have an opportunity to work remotely?

Answering these and more specific questions you will get an extensive report with a properly explained vision of your current infrastructure environment.

We will indicate possible options for improvement within your ICT environment in a proposal for your consideration.

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Network and Security

One of the most sensitive topics for today’s businesses is data protection and security.
It’s obvious, that the most vulnerable institutions which suffer from heavy throughout the year attacks are governmental organisations, financial institutions and the whole healthcare environment due to the variety of valuable data these organisations usually handle and store.
With the growing volume and advanced cyber attacks, it is necessary to continuously focus on protecting this sensitive information.
In order to achieve maximum return, it is very important that your network performs optimally, is versatile and robust. The latest network technology also enables the connection with the latest application generation, which offers a high-quality application opportunity.
Lux-ICTS is happy to support you in optimizing and expanding your infrastructure to realize the integration of different applications within your network.

Integrated security

Lux-ICTS advises, installs and manages integrated solutions for infrastructures and security in the field of networks, access control, firewall & VPN, remote access and gateway security solutions.

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