Nurse Call Systems

Revolutionizing Healthcare Management with the Ultimate IP Nurse Call System

As the world’s leading and fully comprehensive solution, NurseCare combines smart, interactive IP nurse call capabilities with nursing documentation and healthcare management.

Unleashing the Power of NurseCare:

  • NurseCare offers wide installation possibilities, allowing seamless integration with your existing nurse call systems, regardless of the brand.
  • Support for both wired and wireless nurse call systems, ensuring compatibility with diverse healthcare infrastructures.
  • Tailor your nurse call system to your specific needs by purchasing only the components you require.
  • Opt for entry or advanced levels, and effortlessly upgrade your system as needed, ensuring a cost-effective solution for your healthcare facility.
  • NurseCare enables you to add additional features at any time, providing infinite scalability to meet evolving requirements.
  • Transform your digital nurse call system from entry to advanced, ensuring adaptability to the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Key Benefits for Nursing Personnel:

NurseCare alleviates the workload of nursing professionals, ensuring higher patient safety through its integrated wireless nurse call system.

NurseCare centralizes healthcare processes and emergency call systems in hospitals and care homes, optimizing workflow efficiency.

By optimizing expenses and digitalizing workflow processes, NurseCare enhances healthcare quality and overall operational efficiency.

NurseCare is designed to be the best solution for patient and elderly care in hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes, offering a single device with countless functionalities.

Why choose NurseCare nurse call system?

NurseCare stands out as the sole nurse call system that integrates an emergency nurse call system, healthcare management, and nursing documentation into a unified device. Whether in existing structures or newly built facilities, it provides effortless installation and seamless compatibility with nurse call systems of any brand.

With flexible options, it accommodates wired, wireless, or a combination of both systems to cater to diverse installation preferences and requirements.

Innovative Solutions for Modern Healthcare:

iNurse Mobile Application:
  • An advanced replacement for DECT phones or pagers, offering versatility and emergency response capabilities.
  • Provides an overview of personnel in attendance and facilitates assistance calls without a SIM card.
InfoTab Interactive Corridor Display:
  • Indicates call locations, healthcare staff attendance, and assistance calls.
  • Offers on-demand content and customizable displays for daily activities, information, weather, menus, and more.


NurseCare is not just an IP nurse call system; it’s a comprehensive solution that revolutionizes healthcare management. With advanced IP technology and unparalleled compatibility, NurseCare sets the standard for modern, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare services. Experience the future of healthcare with NurseCare – where every feature is designed to enhance the well-being of patients and simplify the workflow for healthcare professionals.

NurseTab: Interactive Room Terminal Redefined

Smart Features of NurseTab:
  • An interactive touchscreen display that combines the emergency nurse call system with healthcare management and nursing documentation.
  • Logs detailed information for every room, providing insights into staff presence, nursing notes, and services provided.
Why NurseTab?
  • Bright and colorful touchscreen with a user-friendly interface.
  • Touch buttons in different colors for easy understanding and use.
NurseCall Combinations and Smart Sensors:
Customizable Nurse Call Combinations:
  • NurseCare offers a range of nurse call combinations, including wired and wireless options with various sensors and alarms.
  • Choose your own configuration to fit your budget, ensuring the utmost flexibility in patient care.
  Smart Sensors for Enhanced Safety:
  • Fall prevention bed sensor: Wireless mattress sensor for prolonged product lifespan.
  • Fall prevention movement detector: Practical motion detector with a red call button.
  • Dementia door sensor and security wristband: Effectively prevents wandering for individuals with dementia.

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