ERP Mercator

Your complete, scalable and customizable management software

 One of the most important components of success today is the right business management software which is supposed to cover all of a business’ management needs of the company:

  • Business management
  • Accounting management
  • E-commerce
  • CRM (Customer relationship management)

At Lux-ICTS, we are able to provide your business or your activity sector with the ERP tool best optimizing your processes independently of the size of your company.
We are a partner of Mercator, which ERP tool is used in very different sectors (fashion, construction, food, garden centres, materials, services, etc.) and for each one of them, the ERP tool is tailored to their way of working.

The strength of our ERP is that Standard software would enable a quick set-up in your business but, due its lack of flexibility, it would require you to adapt to it.
Customised software would be fully tailored to your activity but would take time to be developed and perfected.
Therefore, 90% of our customers’ needs are met using the standard solution. The remaining 10% of needs are met by modules added and the customisation carried out to optimally match your activity and develop with it.

We can offer the following options to your consideration:

Feel free to contact us on any ERP related questions you have. Or simply leave us your details and we’ll get back to you asap.