Microsoft Teams

As an Integrated solution with your business phone system

Some time ago the virtual workspace became a part of our life and a ‘must have’ for many companies as a solution to stay active on the market and to take care of its employee’s wellbeing. That time Teams with its Microsoft 365 introduced the virtual mindset to the world. Since then, MS Teams has been the fastest growing application ever introduced by Microsoft.

Hybrid workplace. It’s here to stay.

Telephony is an important point influencing your relationship with the customer. A lot of cloud-based solutions offer a hybrid workspace to provide the required flexibility to its customers.
Teams has been the best choice for many companies since the virtual communication tool was part of Microsoft 365.

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It is a widespread misconception that Microsoft Teams 'Out of the box' also provides a complete telephony solution

Telephony outside of Teams requires extended licensing from Microsoft. Regardless of whether you want to use Teams alone, with Microsoft 365 Business Voice ( Microsoft’s Phone System ) and Microsoft’s Call Plans where Microsoft is paid for conversations out of Teams, or you want to use Teams with a 3rd party telephony solution, to achieve an extended functionality and being able to use the SIP provider (IP telecommunications company) of your choice.

Microsoft Teams extended features provided by Lux-ICTS

"Meet, chat and call from one single interface"

Stay connected with chat, calls and meetings, let your colleagues to know your availability and share important information  within your team in a smaller  group conversations. Schedule and join online meeting with HD video, VoIP and dial in audio conferencing options. Share your files, apps, or desktop in online meetings review the important moments later with transcriptions of recorded content.