Digital signage

the evolution in marketing and advertising

Digital signage is the evolution in marketing and advertising. It’s here to stay and to help people to be gently informed and updated depending on the place where they are at the moment.
You may not even imagine how useful and important it is:
In the airport

You can find your departure or arrival timetable on the wallboard or a single standing screen.

Order & Quick drive

Attempting to order your food for the quick drive through technology you are using the same interactive screen with a menu uploaded.

Shops & Stores

Searching for a parfum in the shop you are kindly suggested to take a look on a new arrival which is shared on the screen inside or outside the building.

Information boards

Information boards are regularly placed in the hospitality sector sharing a crucial information with the visitors and patients.


Buses and trains are equipped with information boards, cinemas willing you to be in time for your awaited movie, school stuff updating you with the teachers’ absence…

An important part of our lives

We at Lux-ICTS can provide you with all possible types and technologies in this segment of electronic signage.

Indoor and outdoor electronic displays

technologies such as LED, LCD

projection and e-paper

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