Cloud & Managed Services

Manage complexity to run on cloud better

Cloud Solution is one of the key factors of today’s business flexibility. Old on-premises solutions are not reliable and secure anymore. But the most important that they don’t satisfy today’s customer needs. All the software tends to go to the Cloud.
We can offer you two options depending on your demand: Privat or Public Cloud.

Benefits of using Cloud Solution for your company:

  • Workspace flexibility
  • Cost control
  • Simplicity
  • Security
  • Information exchange within your company
  • Industry related software
  • Latest software updates
  • Smart working
  • ERP upon your needs
  • Agility and performance

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Consulting Services help businesses with migration and deployment projects. We support companies in: 1. Preparing the environment 2. Configuration 3. Migration and integration 4. Teams 5. Remote work support

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is one of the most widely used public cloud platforms today. Our specialists in Azure offer to support you in your projects while guaranteeing you end-to-end security.


Wasabi is a secure, reliable, highly scalable and affordable object storage service. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage eliminates the confusing multitude of storage tiers and satisfies almost any storage performance requirement. You can either store cold backup data or hot daily data on Wasabi cloud storage.

ERP Mercator

manage all day-to-day business activities

Are you in search of a software to manage key operations of your business to fully satisfy your company’s needs?
We have a great solution for you. ERP Mercator covers a business’ management needs adapting to your requirements and workflow.
Solutions we can offer to improve processes in your company, all integrated and customisable:

  • Store management
  • Accounting
  • E-commerce site
  • Mobile Solution
  • B2B Management
  • CRM
  • B2C App
  • Other Modules
Leave us your request for the ERP solution for your company

Document Management

Businesses of all sizes and sectors have documents and files that need to be correct, safe and smart managed. With the solution we offer at Lux-ICTS we suggest you move from Electronic Document to Digital Content. We collaborate with the partner Everteam who’s experience in document management dates since 1990. Contact us to get more information on how we can help your organisation to search, analyse, govern and archive data effectively.


Data storage for most organizations increases quite fast and the need to have it secure saved with availability to access upon need is important. The requirement for a good quality increase as well as the low-cost option which is always in demand.
The Archiving policy considered by us is the following:

·       Audit, analysis of storage environment, understanding / interpretation of needs Archiving standards: What data?
·       Thoughtful conservation strategy
·       Taking care of the archiving issue from the beginning
·       Clear management rules applied to existing applications
·       Rules defined for platforms (operating environment)

Any questions about Managed services?

Are you in doubt what is the best solution option for your company? How does it work and how much you can safe on using this solution? Do you really need an ERP and the Document Management services to be implemented?
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