Privacy Policy

Privacy policy and code of conduct of Lux-ICTS

Date of Commencement: 02/01/2023

Preamble :

Notwithstanding the application of Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council from April 27, 2016 on the protection of physical data with regard to the processing of personal data and on a public availability of such data, with a date of official application set for May 25, 2018, Lux – ICTS S.à r.l and its affiliated companies attach the greatest importance to respect for privacy, national rules, laws and European directives.
Nevertheless, in this may appear nebulous context of laws and obligations, it seemed important for Lux-ICTS to reiterate its commitment. The purpose of this privacy policy is therefore to describe the operation flow and the values ​​of Lux-ICTS with regard to the confidentiality of the data collected and an appropriate code of conduct.
Whether you are simple visitors, our employees, our suppliers, our customers or our partners, Lux-ICTS invites you to come back regularly to consult this privacy policy available on its website or at your disposal upon request.
If you believe that Lux-ICTS does not comply with the rules, do not hesitate to contact us using the “contact” tab on our site or reach us onthe phone: 00352 28 76 13 – 1.

Why do we collect personal data:

Lux-ICTS collects personal data in order to provide the best of its services to all private and/or legal persons likely to call on its professional skills.

The collection of personal information allows Lux-ICTS to carry out its missions but also to facilitate your access to its products and services. Furthermore, thanks to the collection of this data, Lux-ICTS is able to keep you informed of the evolution of its services, software updates, special offers and events likely to interest you.

Type of monitoring and use of information:

 Without this list being exhaustive, below is reproduced the list of the most frequent cases of collection of personal data:
·       Personal information may be requested from you during a telephone discussion or interview with one of our employees regarding a professional question, the downloading of a software update, your registration for an event, your participation in a survey, the purchase of a product or service, a repair request, etc.
·       During these exchanges, Lux-ICTS may also ask you for more personal data related to the situation such as:
o   Your name, your postal address, profession, delivery and billing addresses, telephone numbers, one or more email addresses, contact preferences, bank details, etc.
o   Information about products purchased from Lux-ICTS such as date, reference, warranty period, serial number, date of payment, proof of payment, type of service level agreement chosen, etc.
o   Lux-ICTS may also collect information for statistic purposes in order to always be able to adopt its commercial offer and remain competitive in a highly competitive environment.
Whatever the case and whatever the type of information collected, Lux-ICTS and its subsidiaries accept to follow all technical and organizational measures the confidentiality of the data collected, nither to disseminate them nor to make them public or sell/rent them without your consent unless necessary for the proper execution of the order or the contract.

Restricted communication of information collected:

Lux-ICTS, always with the purpose to delivering the best services in the safest and most optimized way, may have to share some of the information collected with its own service providers, suppliers, legal advisers or strategic partners.
These partners can help Lux-ICTS in processing information, executing orders, products delivery, service support, market products, granting credits, conducting satisfaction surveys.
Lux-ICTS is responsible for its partners, subcontractors and co-contractors. For more details, do not hesitate to refer to the general conditions of sale of Lux-ICTS.
As an IT service provider based in Luxembourg, Lux-ICTS is a subject to the constraints and controls of the CSSF: Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. As a result, the constraints linked to the implementation of the GDPR are not new for the company. In case of a doubt about the legal activities or purposes of one of its clients/employees/partners/suppliers, Lux-ICTS is required to send a file to the CSSF where the decision will be taken whether or not to initiate an investigation. As a result, Lux-ICTS would disclose all information at its sole discretion, if it felt compelled to do so by law or regulations or if it felt that such disclosure would serve to protect all of the company’s services and its reputation.

Public nature of information displayed:

Lux-ICTS pats your attention to the public nature of information displayed in public via chats, forums, online chat services, etc. In this case Lux-ICTS cannot take any responsibility.

Transparency and autonomy:

 The note of confidentiality or personal data varies from one person to another. Lux-ICTS wants to be transparent about how it collects and uses this data. As a result, and provided that the usage of these freedoms does not hinder the proper performance of a contract or go against the law, you always have the possibility:
·       To request access to your data,
·       To consult and modify them,
·       To delete the information or to restrict its limits.
For more details, do not hesitate to refer to our general conditions of sale.


This Privacy Policy is available upon the Company request.
The privacy policy may evolve or be modified, depending in particular on the texts of the law. In this case, Lux-ICTS will publish a warning highlighting the changes to be made. Previous versions will be archived and made available to users upon request from them via mail, email or request via the contact tab of the Company.