Information Management

What sets NurseCare apart is its unique integration of nurse call functionality with comprehensive healthcare management and nursing documentation—all within a single device. With flexible system connection options, NurseCare can be seamlessly installed in both existing and new buildings, offering unparalleled versatility.

Committed to the highest standards of security, NurseCare complies with the rigorous requirements of the German standard DIN VDE 0834 Part 1 and 2, ensuring a secure and reliable communication platform for healthcare professionals.

Smart Nursing Management System

nursecare solution

Our revolutionary system transforms the landscape of healthcare management by facilitating e-documentation of all services directly in the patient’s room.

The digital care management platform is an all-encompassing software solution tailored for nursing homes. It efficiently handles various aspects of care, including application, admission, services, individual healthcare plans, discharge, billing, general modules, and reports. Seamlessly integrating with hospital management software, this system can be effortlessly installed in any building, existing or new.


DementiaCare, our technological marvel, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with dementia. Equipped with cutting-edge technology, DementiaCare provides residents with increased freedom, improved quality of life, a better atmosphere, and heightened safety, while simultaneously relieving the burden on nursing staff.

Key features of DementiaCare include wristband wearer positioning, dementia gateways for monitoring exits and elevators, and outwardly installed gateways. The innovative system offers a perfect balance of security and freedom for individuals with dementia.

Patient Engagement

PatientCare stands as a modern patient entertainment system designed to consolidate systems, content, and services into a unified digital platform. This interactive solution enriches the hospital experience by entertaining, engaging, and empowering patients while enabling them to control their environment. It also facilitates easy access to vital information for both staff and patients, fostering increased opportunities for valuable feedback.

Recognizing the impact of patient satisfaction on recovery times, PatientCare aims to create a more positive and enjoyable hospital stay.

Fall Prevention

Our Fall Prevention system is a proactive solution designed to prevent falls among residents, ensuring enhanced safety, peace of mind, and independence. Integrating cutting-edge technology, this system reduces the workload on nursing staff while offering customizable solutions tailored to individual needs.

Key features include enhanced safety, efficient care, peace of mind, and customizable solutions. Fall Prevention provides a heightened sense of security and independence for those at risk of falls, offering reassurance to caregivers and healthcare providers alike.

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