Nursecare Solutions


In a single device, explore numerous opportunities:

  • Integrate your nurse call system seamlessly with healthcare management and nursing documentation.
  • Enjoy versatile installation options, including the capability to link with your existing nurse call systems. The device accommodates both wired and wireless nurse call systems, as well as a hybrid combination of the two.

Cutting-edge all-in-one IP Nurse Call Systems

This system digitizes healthcare administration and facilitates health information management, streamlining workflow processes. It caters to healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, care homes, nursing homes, and various healthcare institutions.

nursecare solution
Key Features:
  • 1

    Identification-protected and presence acknowledgment
  • 2

    Emergency calling
  • 3

    Assistance calling
  • 4

    Nurse reminder settings
  • 5

    Display of calls from adjacent rooms
  • 6

    Speech connection to other rooms
  • 7

    Logging of call data
  • 8

    High-security certification

Why choose NurseCare nurse call system?

NurseCare stands out as the sole nurse call system that integrates an emergency nurse call system, healthcare management, and nursing documentation into a unified device. Whether in existing structures or newly built facilities, it provides effortless installation and seamless compatibility with nurse call systems of any brand.

With flexible options, it accommodates wired, wireless, or a combination of both systems to cater to diverse installation preferences and requirements.

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