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Digitalization nowadays is not an option. This is something which is highly required and to improve the quality of our lives and especially life of the elderly people and the staff involved into this environment.
At Lux-ICTS we provide our customers with an advanced healthcare solutions for retirement houses and hospitals. We serve the needs of a sector that demands highly technological and quality solutions.

Real time interaction, identification and information exchange, services adapted to the need, recommendations and preferences of the elderly, family update and interconnected alert system. All is possible with help of and thanks to a WIFI connection.

Digitalization System SIDI-BLED for retirement homes and hospitals. Real time 24/7 care

This is a unique market through WIFI system solution intended to improve technology supply for retirement homes and hospitals. It’s the most complete and innovative solution to introduce to the healthcare environment as it also combines the administration of nursing data and medical care in a single device.

Important options of the SIDI – BLED digitization system:

  • 1

    made up of a touch screen and intercom,
  • 2

    allows registration of personnel access,
  • 3

    alarm generation,
  • 4

    connection between departments,
  • 5

    monitoring and control of daily activity with the resident.

Key elements of the solution we offer:

  • Real-time communication on each device (Checkpoint, smartphone, corridor displays)
  • Secure platform compliance with regulations
  • Nurse call system in accordance with DIN VDE 0834 Part 1 and Part 2
  • PoE and HL7 IP technology
  • Records synchronization through the RFID identification card.
  • Customisation by request (cleaning, laundry tasks)
  • Compatible with residential management platforms
  • Data and reports access
  • Customised per each user separately

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